Fred Rogers Productions

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Fred Rogers Productions
FoundedFebruary 6, 1971; 53 years ago (1971-02-06)
Legal status501(c)(3)
Formerly called
Family Communications, Inc. (1971–2010)
The Fred Rogers Company (2010–2018)

Fred Rogers Productions is an American non-profit organization specializing in children's programming for public television in the United States. Founded by Fred Rogers, it was initially renamed The Fred Rogers Company in his honor after his death. It produced its flagship program, Mister Rogers' Neighborhood, under its previous name, Family Communications, Inc.

Founded in 1971, Family Communications replaced Small World Enterprises, a for-profit company created in 1955 primarily to license and sell merchandise connected with Mister Rogers' Neighborhood and his earlier series, The Children's Corner.[1] In 1985, it struck a deal with CBS/Fox Video to release home video titles.[2]

In the early 2010s, The Fred Rogers Company began producing new children's programming, including:

  • Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood, an animated conceptual sequel to Neighborhood starring the young families of characters introduced in the former show's Neighborhood of Make-Believe segments
  • Peg + Cat, an animated show based on the picture book The Chicken Problem, introducing concepts of math and problem-solving to young viewers
  • Odd Squad, a live-action show focusing on math and problem-solving, targeting a somewhat older audience than Peg + Cat
  • Donkey Hodie, in association with Spiffy Pictures, which premiered on PBS Kids on May 3, 2021, following the titular character, the granddaughter of the original character appearing in the "Neighborhood of Make Believe" segments of Neighborhood
  • Alma's Way, created by Sesame Street actress Sonia Manzano which premiered on PBS Kids on October 4, 2021



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