Free-minded People's Party (Germany)

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Free-minded People's Party
Founded 1893
Dissolved 1910
Preceded by German Free-minded Party
Merged into Progressive People's Party
Newspaper NA
Ideology Liberalism,
Social liberalism,
Social progressivism,
Politics of Germany
Political parties

The Free-minded People's Party (German: Freisinnige Volkspartei) was a left liberal party in the German Empire, founded as a result of the split of the German Free-minded Party in 1893. One of its most notable members was Eugen Richter, who was party leader from 1893 to 1906. The party advocated classical liberalism, social progressivism and parliamentarism.

On 6 March 1910 it merged with the Free-minded Union, and German People's Party to form the Progressive People's Party.

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Preceded by
German Free-minded Party
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Succeeded by
Progressive People's Party (Germany)