Free Ilocos

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Free Ilocos
British Protectorate
Capital Villa Fernandina
Languages Ilocano, Spanish
Political structure British Protectorate
 •  1761–1763 Diego Silang
 •  Established December 14, 1762
 •  Disestablished May 28, 1763
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Spanish Philippines
Spanish Philippines
Today part of  Philippines

Free Ilocos was a state in Northern Luzon which was declared independent by revolutionary Diego Silang in December 14, 1762. Villa Fernandina, or modern day Vigan was designated as the capital of the independent state.[1][2][3] Diego Silang led a revolt to liberate Ilocos from Spanish colonial rule taking advantage of the Spanish colonial government's momentary loss due to the British occupation of Manila. Diego Silang accepted an offer of protection and friendship sent by the British Governor of Manila, Dawsonne Drake, on September 24, 1762.[4] Free Ilocos was effectively disestablished upon Diego Silang's assassination in 1763.


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