Free Play

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Free Play may refer to:


  • "Free Play", the creative activity of spontaneous free improvisation, by children, by artists, and people of all kinds, as described in the book Free Play: Improvisation in Life and Art, 1990, by Stephen Nachmanovitch – also a 1984 recording of that title by Stephen Nachmanovitch and Ron Fein
  • Free play (Derrida), a philosophical concept devised by Jacques Derrida
  • Freeplay Energy, a British portable appliance manufacturer and distributor
  • Freeplay Replay, a 1990s lottery game played in Iowa
  • A play with a defensive penalty (gridiron football), which gives the offense the opportunity to accept either the outcome of the play or the penalty
  • A show hosted by Meg Turney, and Ryan Haywood that was produced by Rooster Teeth
  • A piece of music that is a radio DJ's personal choice rather than chosen from the station's playlist

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