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Freehold War is a series of science fiction novels created by Michael Z. Williamson, and is set in the distant future. There have been three novels and two short stories from Baen Books, with a fourth novel coming in 2011.

Books in the series[edit]

There are three novels published thus far from Baen Books, in addition to two short stories and another novel forthcoming.

  1. Freehold (2004), novel [1] ISBN 0-7434-7179-2
  2. The Weapon (2005), novel [2] ISBN 1-4165-0894-5
  3. Better To Beg Forgiveness (2007), novel ISBN 1-4165-5508-0
  4. Rogue (coming September 2011)
  5. "The Humans Called It Duty" (2007), short story in the anthology Future Weapons of War, edited by Joe Haldeman and Martin H. Greenberg.
  6. "The Price" (2010), short story in the anthology Citizens, edited by John Ringo and Brian Thomsen.

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