French legislative election, 1827

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French legislative election, 1827
Bourbon Restoration
1824 ←
17 and 24 November 1827 → 1830

  First party Second party Third party
  Guizot 1843.jpg Villèle.jpg Die Gartenlaube (1856) b 649.jpg
Leader François Guizot Jean-Baptiste de Villèle François-René de Chateaubriand
Party Miscellaneous left Ultras Miscellaneous right
Seats won 180 180 70

The 1827 general election organized the third legislature of the Second Restoration. The election was held on 17 and 24 November.

Only citizens paying taxes were eligible to vote, and despite this, the Ultra-royalists loyal to Charles X of France came in second.

Charles X of France dissolved this Assembly in 1830 and sparked the 1830 election.


Party Seats
  Miscellaneous left (Aide-toi) 180
  Ultra-royalists 180
  Miscellaneous right 70