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Not to be confused with German naturalist Friedrich Leybold (1827–1879)

Friedrich Ernst Leibold (sometimes spelled Leybold) (9 December 1804, Dorfgarten near Kiel – 21 July 1864, Havana) was a German gardener and botanical collector.[1]

Trained as a gardener, he accompanied Baron von Ludwig to the Cape of Good Hope as a botanical collector (1835–38). From 1839 to 1844, he collected specimens in Cuba and Mexico, later settling as a farmer in Texas (1847). He later took up residence in New Orleans, and died in Havana on 21 July 1864 on his way to collect specimens in the Yucatán.[2][3]

Plants with the specific epithet of leiboldiana are named after him, an example being Tillandsia leiboldiana.[4]

Associated writings[edit]


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