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This is the chronological list of books by the Austrian school economist and philosopher Friedrich Hayek. The dates in brackets are the original year of publication of the book (not always in English).

The University of Chicago Press has a project called the Collected Works of F.A. Hayek, a planned series of 19 newly edited editions of Hayek’s books with interviews with the author, new editions of his articles and letters, and hitherto unpublished manuscripts.[1]


  • Monetary Theory and the Trade Cycle (1929) [1]


  • Prices and Production (1931) [2], with a preface ("Hayek's Legacy") to the 2008 edition by Danny Quah
  • "Economy and Knowledge" (1936), article
  • Monetary Nationalism and International Stability (1937) [3]
  • Profits, Interest & Investment (1939) [4]


  • The Pure Theory of Capital (1941) ISBN 978-0-226-32099-1 Available online.
  • The Road to Serfdom (1944) ISBN 978-0-226-32055-7 Available online.
  • Hayek, F. A. (September 1945). "The Use of Knowledge in Society". The American Economic Review. American Economic Association via JSTOR. 35 (4): 519–530. JSTOR 1809376.
  • Individualism and Economic Order (1948) ISBN 978-0-226-32093-9 Available online.





Later publications[edit]

  • Hayek, Friedrich (1992). The Fortunes of Liberalism: Essays on Austrian Economics and the Ideal of Freedom, edited by Peter G. Klein (University of Chicago Press) ISBN 978-0-226-32116-5. OCLC 24173340
  • Hayek, Friedrich (2010). Studies on the Abuse and Decline of Reason: Text and Documents, edited by Bruce Caldwell (University of Chicago Press) (essays in opposition to positivism.) ISBN 978-0-226-32109-7. OCLC 406946021
  • Hayek, Friedrich (2015). Hayek on Mill: The Mill-Taylor Friendship and Related Writings, edited by Sandra J. Peart (University of Chicago Press) ISBN 978-0-226-10639-7. OCLC 648146235


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