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This article is about the surname. For other uses, see Friz (disambiguation).
Distribution of the Friz family in Italy

The surname Friz derives from Fritz, diminutive of the German name Friederich (Frederick), originating from the Old Germanic Frithurik, composed of the prefix frithu ("peace", "friendship": Friede, in German) and the suffix rikia ("lord", "prince"), meaning "Lord of Peace", "The One who assures peace".

The surname is diffused in the Adige Valley in northern Italy. It's a German surname which established originally in the Region of Trentino on the comune di Garniga (town of Garniga)."

"Der Alte Fritz" refers specifically to Frederick the Great.

Friz coat of arms, family crest

Source: "Saggio di Commento ai Cognomi Tridentini", by Ernesto Lorenzo, 1895.

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