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Fry jacks

Fry jacks are a traditional dish in the Belizean cuisine. They are deep fried dough pieces served as a breakfast item, and can be shaped as squares or triangles. The techniques of making fry jacks is a very hard process and following the steps to making fry jacks is relatively long, although there is an art in making them well.


Fry jacks are prepared in many places in world. In the Belizean travel blog it states, "Fry jacks aren’t only served in Belize. In fact, they go by many different names all over the world — beignets in New Orleans, sopapillas in Mexico and the American southwest, or often, simply ‘fried dough’."[1]

Preparation begins with flour and other ingredients, typically including baking powder, salt, vegetable oil and water. The mix is then pan-cooked.[2] Preparation involves creating the dough and then allowing it time to proof (rise). Once the dough has risen, the dough is rolled out and then cut into strips or pieces. After being pan-cooked in oil, they may be topped with ingredients such as jam, beans, or cheese.

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