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Fujiwara no Takaie (藤原 隆家, 979 - February 2, 1044), the regional governor of Kyūshū (Dazai gon no sochi). Takaie had been sent down from Kyoto to Kyūshū. He was a son of Fujiwara no Michitaka and his wife Takashina no Takako[1] and thus a grandson of Fujiwara no Morosuke. He had a sister Teishi.

Takaie successfully led the defense of Dazaifu against the Toi invasion of 1019.[2]

He retired in 1070 and built a retirement villa in Kikuchi-gun where he lived until he died. The remains of his villa can still be seen today.

Man called Chikanori (親則) worked for Takaie.

Takaie's grandson Fujiwara Noritaka found Kikuchi clan.


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