Fulwood Urban District

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Preston and Fulwood in 1950.svg
Fulwood Urban District in 1950
County Borough of Preston in 1950
 • Origin Parish of Fulwood
 • Abolished 1974
 • Succeeded by Borough of Preston
Status Urban district

Fulwood was an urban district of Lancashire, England.

It was subject to some changes in its boundaries:[1]

  • 1 April 1934: lost 143 acres (0.58 km2) to County Borough of Preston
  • 1 April 1934: gained 1,300 acres (5.3 km2) from Preston Rural District (Ribbleton and parts of Broughton, Lea, Ashton, Ingol and Cottam)
  • 1 April 1952: lost 109 acres (0.44 km2) to County Borough of Preston

It was abolished in 1974 and incorporated into the Borough of Preston district.