Futako-Shinchi Station

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Futako-Shinchi Station
Tokyu Futakoshinchi sta.JPG
Platforms of the station
Location 2-chome, Futago, Takatsu, Kawasaki, Kanagawa
Operated by Tokyu Corporation
Line(s) Tōkyū Den-en-toshi Line
  • Bus stop
Opened 1927
Previous names Futago; Futago-Shinchi-mae (until 1977)
Passengers (2008) 18,633 daily

Futako-Shinchi Station (二子新地駅?, Futako-Shinchi-eki) is a railway station operated by Tokyu Corporation's Tōkyū Den-en-toshi Line located in the northern part of Takatsu-ku, Kawasaki, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan. It is 10.1 kilometers from the terminus of the Tōkyū Den-en-toshi Line at Shibuya Station.


Futako-Shinchi Station was opened on July 15, 1927 as the Futago stop on the Tamagawa Electric Railway (玉川電気鉄道?, Tamagawa Denki Tetsudo). It was renamed to Futago-Jizen in 1935. On July 1, 1943 it became part of the Ōimachi Line and was rebuilt to a train station. The station was rebuilt on March 18, 1966 as an elevated station along with the construction of Futako Bridge (二子橋梁). The station was renamed to its present name on December 16, 1977. From 2005 - 2008 the platforms were rebuilt for expansion of Tōkyū Ōimachi Line.


Station layout[edit]

Futako-Shinchi Station has two elevated opposed side platforms serving two tracks. The station building is located underneath the tracks and platforms.


1  Tōkyū Den-en-toshi Line SaginumaNagatsutaChūō-Rinkan
 Tōkyū Ōimachi Line MizonokuchiSaginumaNagatsuta
2  For Passing -
3  For Passing -
4  Tōkyū Den-en-toshi Line Futako-TamagawaShibuyaOshiage (Tokyo Metro Hanzōmon Line)・Kasukabe (Tōbu Isesaki Line)
 Tōkyū Ōimachi Line Futako-TamagawaJiyūgaokaŌimachi

Adjacent stations[edit]

« Service »
Tōkyū Den-en-toshi Line
Futako-Tamagawa   Local   Takatsu
Semi-Express: Does not stop at this station
Express: Does not stop at this station
Tōkyū Ōimachi Line
Futako-Tamagawa   Local
(not passing Futako-Shinchi and Takatsu)
Local (passing Futako-Shinchi and Takatsu): Does not stop at this station
Express: Does not stop at this station


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Coordinates: 35°36′26″N 139°37′21″E / 35.607147°N 139.622444°E / 35.607147; 139.622444