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Industry social media, digital media, mobile media
Founded 2009
Headquarters Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Parent Georgia Tech Research Institute
Website www.gtri.gatech.edu/elsys

FutureMedia is a collaborative initiative at Georgia Tech and the Georgia Tech Research Institute to analyze the state and future of digital, social, and mobile media. Georgia Tech has around 500 faculty members working in those fields.[1]

FutureMedia Fest[edit]

The organization most recently hosted FutureMedia Fest 2010, a four-day conference (Oct 4-7, 2010) with a keynote addresses from Michael Jones, the chief technology advocate at Google.[2][3][4] The event featured panels, workshops, and technology demonstrations.[5] Some of the other guests included Richie Baneham and Matt Madden of Avatar fame;[6] Carlos Dominguez, Cisco;[7] Clyde Tuggle, The Coca-Cola Company; Russ Daniels, HP; Glenn Lurie, AT&T; Michael Kelly, The Weather Channel Companies; and Chris Klaus, Kaneva.[3][5][8]

FutureMedia Outlook[edit]

Contemporaneous with FutureMedia Fest 2010, the organization released the FutureMedia Outlook, an analysis of the future of media, concentrating on six major trends in those fields, including information overload, personalization, data integrity, an expectation of multimedia, augmented reality, and collaborative software.[9][10][11][12][13]


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