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Lars Göran Tomas Lambertz (born 17 February 1950) was the Chancellor of Justice (Swedish: justitiekansler) in Sweden between 2001 and 2009. He is currently serving as a judge on the Supreme Court of Sweden.


Lambertz was born in Kisa in Östergötland County. He received a Candidate of Law (Swedish: juris kandidat) from Uppsala University in 1976. He became an Assessor at the Svea Court of Appeal (Swedish: Svea hovrätt) and was employed at the Swedish Ministry of Justice the same year. In 1994 Lambertz was appointed as Assistant Undersecretary (Swedish: departementsråd) and in 1997 as Chief of Justice (Swedish: rättschef) at the Ministry of Justice. He was appointed as Chancellor of Justice on October 1, 2001. He stepped down in 2009, becoming a judge in the supreme court instead.

Lambertz has been married to Susanne Lambertz, who works as a microbiologist, since 1975. The wedding, that was small scale, took place in Paris.[1]

Issues and controversies[edit]

Göran Lambertz has received much attention in Swedish media. No chancellor of justice before him has been so well known to the people.[2] This has also resulted in much criticism against him.

He refused to investigate the antisemitic character of the Yassin tapes in the Stockholm Mosque which led to international criticism.[3],[4],[5],[6]

As a supreme court judge, he still defends his 2006 decision not to act in the case of Thomas Quick.[7]


Preceded by
Hans Regner
Chancellor of Justice
2001 - 2009
Succeeded by
Anna Skarhed