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G-Surfers cover.png
European cover art
Developer(s) Blade Interactive
Platform(s) PlayStation 2
  • EU: January 25, 2002
  • NA: January 26, 2003
Genre(s) Futuristic racing game
Mode(s) Single-player, Multiplayer

G-Surfers is a futuristic racing game released in Europe on January 25, 2002 by Midas Interactive Entertainment. The game is an exclusive to the PlayStation 2 console. On January 28, 2003 in the United States, it was released by Majesco Entertainment and slightly altered under the title HSX: Hypersonic.Xtreme. The influence of the game was taken from F-Zero and the Wipeout video game series, resulting in a very similar game and negative reviews. The game was briefly shown in the 2008 film Meet Dave.

The game features 30 tracks, and 15 crafts; however, when the first six races are available, the player must complete the game to unlock more tutorials and tracks. It also features "TrakEdit", a mode allowing players to create their own tracks using various objects. Tutorials guide the player to this mode. A two-player split screen mode is included in the game, as well as the Time Trial and Cup racing modes for one player.[1] The player should choose a craft they like to use in the game, and then go through five series (each including six tracks). After the race has loaded, the screen will show a view of the track. The player will see a countdown that would begin the race. The player must finish at first, second or third place to win. If he or she successfully completed a series, the player unlocks more material. Despite the tracks incorporating twists, turns, loops, corkscrews and jumps, various obstacles are considered avoidable for him or her. Falling off the track is one example. In addition, there are the boost and health icons throughout each track.


G-Surfers received generally negative reviews from critics. Many of them criticized the music, graphics and choppy framerate. Stephen Fulljames of Computer and Videogames gave it a 4.0 out of 10 rating, despite calling the graphics "Technically impressive".[2] Now Gamer wrote a mixed review on the game, feeling that it is similar to Wipeout.[3] IGN's Kaiser Hwang was more critical but felt that it is something "you've seen before."[4] Amidst all this is a negative review from GameSpy, which commented it "indisputably possesses both a real-time track system and instant functionality, the feature it needs the most is the one it doesn't have -- weapons."[5] Hitting at ramps and damaging the craft was also criticized.[6]


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