GP Herning

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GP Herning
Race details
Date April–May
Region Herning, Denmark
English name GP Herning
Local name(s) Grand Prix i Herning (in Danish)
Discipline Road
Competition DCU Tour
Type Single-day
First edition 1992 (1992)
Editions 24 (as of 2017)
First winner  Claus Michael Møller (DEN)
Most wins  Bjarne Riis (DEN) (3 wins)
Most recent  Michael Carbel (DEN)

Grand Prix Herning is a one day road bicycle race, as are held in Midtjylland, Denmark.[1]

The race are being held by Herning Bicycle Club with start and goal in Herning.[2]

The race are characteristised by its gravelpaths as give multiple punctures for the racers.

The many paths and defects makes the race harsh and often ends with a single racer or a small group arrive isolated at the finish line in Herning.

Grand Prix Herning got its bloom intact with Bjarne Riis got his victories in 1996, same year that he won Tour De France and in 1997 and 1998.

The race got in a string of year driven as part of UCI’s termin with a fixed spot for the coming spring and have from this been granted the nickname "A spring day at the heath" (En Forårsdag på heden) with the hidden hint to Paris-Roubaix as are called "A spring day in Hell".

Unfortunately the race have had multiple economic problems and was for those reasons not held in 2008, the race was resumed in 2009 where it was held until another break again in 2012 due to Giro D’Italia start*11 in the city. In 2013 the race was ran the last time as a UCI race.

In 2014 the race got a helping hand from the Danish Cycling Federation which wrote the race in as part of the Post Cup (today known as the PostNord Cup). The race is now a returning part of the Danish Cup Series.[3]

Gravel paths[edit]

Updated 2016

Gravel Road no. KM Cycled Category Road Distances
1 12.8 km 2 Asbjergvej 0.74 km
- 13.6 km - Nøvlingholmvej 0.80 km
2 27 km 1 "En skovvej" 2.10 km
3 38.8 km 2 Nygårdsvej 2.31 km
4 48.9 km 2 Skovbyvej 1.93 km
5 74.9 km 3 Hveddevej 1.20 km
6 86.2 km 3 Lavlundvej 0.70 km
- 86.9 km - Julsgårdvej 1.31 km
7 94.6 km 3 Brandholmvej 0.68 km
8 98 km HC Den Gyldne Middelvej 1.34 km
- 99.4 km - Den Gyldne Middelvej 0.68 km
9 106 km 3 Nørregårdsvej 1.00 km
10 111.8 km 2 Sandfeldvej 1.60 km
- 113.3 km - Sdr. Greenvej 1.30 km
11 118.9 km 1 Gottenborgvej 2.47 km
12 125.3 km 1 Høgildgårdvej 3.76 km
13 147.9 km 2 Femhøj 1.73 km
14 154.3 km 2 Frølundvej 0.86 km
- 155.1 km - Frølundvej 0.62 km
15 157.4 km 1 "En markvej" 1.96 km
16 166.4 km 3 "En grussti" 0.62 km

Point scale[edit]

Category HC 1 2 3
1 12 9 6 3
2 8 6 4 2
3 4 3 2 1


Rider Team
1992 Denmark Moller, Claus MichaelClaus Michael Møller (DEN) Ordrup
1993 Denmark Rasmussen, DennisDennis Rasmussen (DEN) Aarhus CK
1994 United Kingdom Smith, BrianBrian Smith (GBR) Motorola
1995 France Moncassin, FredericFréderic Moncassin (FRA) Novell
1996 Denmark Riis, BjarneBjarne Riis (DEN) Team Telekom
1997 Denmark Riis, BjarneBjarne Riis (DEN) Team Telekom
1998 Denmark Riis, BjarneBjarne Riis (DEN) Team Telekom
1999 Denmark Sandstod, MichaelMichael Sandstød (DEN) Team Home-Jack & Jones
2000 Denmark Sandstod, MichaelMichael Sandstød (DEN) Memory Card-Jack & Jones
2001 Netherlands Kemna, RudiRudi Kemna (NED) BankGiroLoterij-Batavus
2002 Netherlands Kemna, RudiRudi Kemna (NED) BankGiroLoterij-Batavus
2003 Denmark Hoj, FrankFrank Høj (DEN) Team Fakta
2004 Denmark Hoj, FrankFrank Høj (DEN) Team CSC
2005 Denmark Blaudzun, MichaelMichael Blaudzun (DEN) Team CSC
2006 Denmark Johansen, AllanAllan Johansen (DEN) Team CSC
2007 Norway Arvesen, Kurt-AsleKurt-Asle Arvesen (NOR) Team CSC
2008 No race
2009 Denmark Jorgensen, ReneRené Jørgensen (DEN) Team Designa Køkken
2010 Denmark Rasmussen, AlexAlex Rasmussen (DEN) Team Saxo Bank
2011 Denmark Vinther, TroelsTroels Vinther (DEN) Glud & Marstrand-LRØ
2012 No race
2013 Denmark Hansen, Lasse NormanLasse Norman Hansen (DEN) Blue Water Cycling
2014 Denmark Øllegaard, MortenMorten Øllegaard (DEN) Riwal Platform Cycling Team
2015 Denmark Andersen, Asbjørn KraghAsbjørn Kragh Andersen (DEN) Blue Water Cycling
2016 Denmark Schmidt, Mads WürtzMads Würtz Schmidt (DEN) Team Virtu Pro–Véloconcept
2017 Denmark Carbel, MichaelMichael Carbel[4] (DEN) Team Virtu Pro–Véloconcept


"Genius Race. Really impressive. International Cut. Supreme by Herning Bicycle Club. Five stars out of five". Jens Veggerby, Herning Folkeblad. 24 May 1993.

"A good race, faintly similar to Paris-Roubaix." Frédéric Moncassin, Herning Folkeblad. 12 June 1995.

"A Body-painted Price girl, VIP Bus with refreshments, a Member of Parlament (Folketinget) as speaker and the written program, as was laying and waiting at your hotelroom and a resultlist at the same place after the race. What else can you demand? A bikerace in topclass!" Henrik Elmgreen, Cycling, 19 May 1996

"There are also Tennisplayers that arent so good on pavel." Jens Veggerby’s Comment after having been set on a Pavelroad, 11 May 1997

"This is no doubt the best bet on a grand Danish bikerace." Rolf Sørensen, Jyllands-posten, 25 May 1998

"I am very happy to win this. Denmarks biggest Bikerace." Bjarne Riis, BT, 25 May 1998

"This is a Great race, but it is very nice to know the roads in advance." Jesper Skibby, Herning Folkelblad, 25 May 1998

"The race are the nicest race I have participated in on Danish soil." Rolf Sørensen, Herning Folkeblad, 25 May 1998

"The race are pefect – this could well develop to the first Danish World Cup race." Chairman for DCU, Peder Pedersen, Herning Folkeblad, 25 May 1998

"A bad racer will not win Grand Prix Midtbank, but good racers can be knocked out by accident." Henrik Elmgreen, Cycling, 15 May 1998

"The entire race seems very wellorganised." Chief Commissioner Michael Andersson, Herning Folkeblad, 18 May 2000

"This was one of the coolest race i have raced, Love the comibnation with the Gravel Paths, A race for Men, Like Paris-Roubaix." Kurt-Asle Arvesen,, 3 November 2016


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