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GURPS Horror
GURPS Horror.jpg
Author Scott Haring
Genre Role-playing game
Publisher Steve Jackson Games
Publication date

1987 (1e)
1990 (2e)
2002 (3e)

2011 (4e)
Media type Print
Pages 96
ISBN 0-7869-3136-1

GURPS Horror is a sourcebook for GURPS. The first edition was published in 1987.


GURPS Horror is a GURPS supplement of horror rules, including fright effects, character creation guidelines, monster descriptions, campaign backgrounds and scenarios, psionic powers, and magical items.[1]

The second edition of GURPS Horror adds more monsters, guidelines for play in historical periods, and index, and the Illuminati.[1]

Publication history[edit]

The first edition of GURPS Horror was written by Scott Haring, and features a cover by Michael Whelan, and was published by Steve Jackson Games in 1987 as a 96-page book.[1]

The second edition of GURPS Horror was written by Scott Haring and J.M. Caparula and published in 1990 as a 128-page book.[1]

GURPS Horror was one of the broad genre books that followed the publication of the GURPS Basic Set.[2]

The Third Edition was released in 2002, with content added by Kenneth Hite influenced by his preceding role-playing game Nightmares of Mine. The Fourth Edition[3] was released in 2011.[4]


Ken Rolston reviewed the first edition of GURPS Horror for Dragon magazine #138 (October 1988).[5] Rolston wrote in his conclusion: "The GURPS system works better than COC's basic role-playing system for tactical role-playing, and those already playing GURPS games will find the GURPS Horror game's mechanics useful. For a heroic supernatural campaign similar in tone to most fantasy role-playing campaigns (with the PCs as fearless crusaders against evil occult horrors), this supplement is a suitable system."[5]

Rick Swan reviewed the second edition of GURPS Horror for Dragon magazine #186 (October 1992).[6] Swan writes in his conclusion: "Though sketchy in places and unfocused as a whole, the GURPS Horror game still stands as the best horror overview on the market. Referees who enjoy creating their own adventures will find plenty of raw material here, particularly in the Cabal chapter and creature rosters. However, nothing crucial has been added in the new version, certainly nothing that automatically renders the first edition obsolete. Owners of the first edition can safely skip the second and spend their money elsewhere, perhaps on a copy of the GURPS Psionics game."[6]

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