Gabi on the Roof in July

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Gabi on the Roof in July
Directed byLawrence Michael Levine
Produced byJason Connell
Sophia Takal
Katherine Wright
Isen Robbins
Aimee Schoof
Written byKate Kirtz
Lawrence Michael Levine
StarringSophia Takal
Lawrence Michael Levine
Kate Lyn Sheil
Music byKevin Barker
CinematographyAaron Kovalchik
Edited bySophia Takal
Little Teeth Pictures
Release date
Running time
101 minutes
CountryUnited States

Gabi on the Roof in July is a 2010 American independent comedy-drama film directed by Lawrence Michael Levine.[1][2]


Gabi (Sophia Takal), a rambunctious Oberlin undergrad, heads to New York City to spend the summer with her older brother, Sam (Lawrence Michael Levine).



The dialogue in the film is both scripted and improvised.[3]


Gabi on the Roof in July has been generally well received by critics. The film currently holds a 73% certified fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes based on 11 reviews. Steve Dollar, writing for The Wall Street Journal, noted that the film is "wisely observant of human nature as it bounces between the leads, "Gabi" evokes Woody Allen with a more generous heart."[4]


The film premiered at the Cinequest Film Festival on February 27, 2010[5]


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