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Gabriel Van Dievoet, 1875-1934, Art Nouveau decorator.
Gabriel Van Dievoet (right) in his atelier at 71, rue Faider Ixelles, with Leon Van Cutsem and two apprentices, 1895.
Gabriel Van Dievoet in company of his aunt (general Rouen's wife) and his niece Andrée de Gachassin-Lafite, c.1921

Gabriel Van Dievoet was a Belgian decorator and Liberty style sgraffitist. He was the brother of the architect Henri Van Dievoet. He was born in Brussels on 12 April 1875, quai Bois à Brûler, 37, and died in Saint-Gilles on 17 November 1934.

He was the son of Leon Van Dievoet, ship-owner and maritime-agent, and of Hermine Straatman; and the grandson of Eugene van Dievoet and Hortense Poelaert (sister of the famous architect Joseph Poelaert).

Studies and early career[edit]

After studying at the Académie Royale des Beaux-Arts in Brussels at the same time as Paul Cauchie, he opened his decorative arts workshop and started collaborating with many Art Nouveau or Late Eclectic architects, such as Victor Boelens, De Kock, Georges Delcoigne, Edouard Elle, Guillaume Low, Georges Peereboom, Edouard Pelseneer, Albert Roosenboom, Fernand Symons, Joseph Van Neck, Armand Van Waesberghe and his own brother, Henri Van Dievoet.

He settled initially at Rue Faider, then at 91 Rue Souveraine in Ixelles, Brussels.

His style is characterized mainly by the use of stylized floral elements.


He designed many sgraffito decorations in Brussels and in Wallonia. He was often inspired by the artworks created during the Arts and Crafts Movement, such as the decorations of the "Maison dorée" (Gold House) in the town of Charleroi.

He also designed the sgraffito decorations of the following monuments:

  • the primary school in Drogenbos (1902)
  • the Dilbeek town hall (1903)
  • the Saint-Alexis college in Geel (1900)
  • the church in Erps-Kwerps (1898)
  • the church in Machelen (1908)
  • the villa “Les Sorbiers” in the "Parc de Genval" at La Hulpe, featuring decorative designs in the shape of service trees, for the architect and owner Fernand Symons (1904)
  • the Escoyez castle by the architect Sonneville of Tournai (1904)

He also produced several paintings and watercolours; the prints room ("cabinet des estampes") at the Royal Library of Belgium still preserves his etching entitled “Head of Lion” (reference: F 41265).


The house of Gabriel Van Dievoet at 91, rue Souveraine Ixelles.
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