Ganesh Gogoi

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Ganesh Gogoi
গনেশ গগৈ
Born December 28, 1907
Jorhat, Assam, India
Died August 21, 1938
Occupation Author, Poet and actor
Nationality Indian
Genre Assamese literature

Ganesh Gogoi (Assamese: গনেশ গগৈ) (1907- 1938) was a poet of Assam[1] and then he is remembered also as a lyricist, composer, playwright, actor and football player. He is also known as Papori Kobi.


Ganesh Gogoi was born at Jorhat of Assam on December 28, 1907. His father's name was Kanak Chandra Gogoi.[2]

Ganesh Gogoi's childhood, student life in his native place Jorhat. Passed the Matric examination from Jorhat Government High School in the second division, After matriculation he admitted to Cotton College, Guwahati, Assam in the year 1926. He left for Kolkata in 1927 and was admitted to the Ripon College (now Surendranath College for higher studies. Later on he also admitted to the Kashi Hindu university (Now Banaras Hindu University), but did not complete his study.[2] Ganesh Gogoi never married because he died at a young age of 30 on August 21, 1938.[2]

Literary works[edit]

Some of his famous dramas had pictured in 'Jorhat theatre' where Ganesh Gogoi used to stage these dramas.

  • Jerengar Sati (1937),
  • Sakunir Pratisodh,
  • Kashmir Kurmari
  • Lachit
  • Kuri Satika, etc.
  • Papori (1934) A romantic Assamese poetry book.
  • Swapna bhanga (1934)
  • Rupajyoti (1945).
  • Naoria
  • Boragi

There are lots of songs were published some magazines like Banhi, Awahan, Ghar-Jeuti, Dainik Batori, Na-Jon etc. on that time. His only book on lyrics is titled Geetimala.


  • The Government of Assam to institute an award in the name of Ganesh Gogoi from the year 2009. This film was officially selected for South Asian Film Festival 2007 at Dhaka.[3]
  • A documentary entitled 'Ganesh Gogoir Jiban Surabhi' has been produced on his life and works.
  • A park named as Ganesh Gogoi Kabita Kanan after renowned him in Jorhat at Assam.


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