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Alternative names がんもどき
Type Fritter
Place of origin Japan
Main ingredients Tofu
Ingredients generally used Carrots, lotus roots and burdock

Ganmodoki (がんもどき, 雁擬き) is a fried tofu fritter made with vegetables, such as carrots, lotus roots and burdock. It may also contain egg. Ganmodoki means pseudo-goose (gan (がん, 雁) + pseudo (もどき)). This is because ganmodoki is said to taste like goose; compare mock turtle soup. Ganmodoki is also called ganmo for short.[1]

In the Edo period, ganmodoki was a stir-fried konjac dish. A dish similar to the ganmodoki today was made by wrapping chopped up vegetables in tofu (much like a manjū) and deep frying it.

In the Kansai Region, Ganmodoki is called hiryōzu, hiryuzu or hirōsu, from the Portuguese word filhós.[citation needed]


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