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Garden City School District is the school district for Garden City, Michigan. It serves grades K-12, and its Superintendent is Derek Fisher, who received a 2-year contract effective June 22, 2015.


Before GCPS[edit]

It is believed that the first school located on the land that is now Garden City was a log cabin built between 1840-1845. In 1847, a one-room, frame school called the East Nankin School was built. In about 1924, not too long after the formation of Garden City, four two-room frame school buildings were constructed, and just 5 years later a law was passed, forming a school district for the village of Garden City.

1929- Present[edit]

Between 1948 and 1959, nine elementary schools were constructed due to a rapid population growth of students. By 1968, 14,000 students were enrolled in its fifteen schools. Today, Garden City holds four elementary schools, one middle school, one high school, two special education schools, and an alternative high school.

School Board/ Board Offices[edit]

Board Meetings[edit]

Meetings are scheduled on the 2nd and 4th Monday of each month at 7:00 pm. During the school year, the meeting on the fourth Monday of the month is held in a school building as the schedule permits. Public notices are posted in the event of any change from the announced schedule.

The Administrative Service Center is located at 1333 Radcliff, Garden City, Michigan (one half mile south of Ford and one quarter mile west of Venoy).

Board of Education[edit]

  • Patrick McNally - Secretary (Term Ends 2018)
  • Lynette Childress - Trustee (Term Ends 2016)
  • John Thackaberry - Treasurer (Term Ends 2018)
  • Linda Williams - Trustee (Term Ends 2018)
  • Darlene Jablonowski - President (Term Ends 2016)
  • Sarah Roffi - Vice President (Term Ends 2016)
  • Jen VanDeWater - Trustee (Term Ends 2018)

Garden City High School[edit]

Located on 6500 Middlebelt Road, Garden City High School (Michigan) houses grades 9-12. Its principal is Sharon Kollar, and its associate principals are Parker Salowich II, and Steve Herman.

Garden City Middle School[edit]

Located on 1851 Radcliff Street, GCMS houses grades 7-8. Its principal is Kip O'Leary, and its associate principal is Kimberly Linenger.

Elementary Schools[edit]

Lathers Early Childhood and Kindergarten Center[edit]

Located on 28351 Marquette Street, Lathers houses preschool and kindergarten. Its principal is Susan Ford.

Memorial 1-2 Campus[edit]

Located on 30001 Marquette Street, Memorial houses first and second grades. Its principal is Mary Pantier.

Douglas 3-4 Campus[edit]

Located on 6400 Hartel, Douglas houses third and fourth grades. Its principal is James Bohnwagner.

Farmington 5-6 Campus[edit]

Located on 33411 Marquette Street, Farmington houses fifth and sixth grades. Its principal is Lesley Van Sickle.

Special/ Alternative Schools[edit]

Burger Transition Center/ Burger East[edit]

Formerly Henry Ruff Elementary, located on 30300 Maplewood Street, its director is Joe Valdivia.

Cambridge High School[edit]

Located on 28901 Cambridge Street, Cambridge is an alternative education high school, serving grades 9-12. Its principal is Debbie Eves.

Burger Baylor School[edit]

Garden City's only school not located in Garden City, Burger Baylor focuses on students with autism. It is located on 28865 Carlysle Inkster, Michigan.

Closed/ Former schools[edit]

  • Burger Middle School/ Burger School for Students with Autism - This building was razed in 2015.
  • Cambridge School - Now an adult and community education center.
  • East High School - Consolidated with West High School in 1982, and the current location of Garden City High School.
  • Maplewood Elementary School - Now a community center.
  • Marquette Elementary School - This building has been razed.
  • Radcliff Middle School - Now a satellite campus for Schoolcraft College.
  • Vogel Middle School - This building has been razed.
  • West High School - Consolidated with East High School in 1982, and the current location of Garden City Middle School.
  • Henry Ruff Elementary- Since 2010. The building was used for educational purposes similar to Cambridge and hosted small events in the Garden City Community. It is now the new site for Burger East/ Burger Transition Center
  • Dillon School - This building has been razed.
  • Harrison School - Now a satellite campus for Garden City Hospital.

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