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Garden Variety was an American post-hardcore band active in the 1990s. During their time together, the band created two LPs (a self-titled album in 1993 and Knocking the Skill Level in 1994) and several 7" singles between 1991-1996. The band broke up in the mid-1990s, with the members joining other bands.

Band personnel[edit]

  • Anthony Roman - bass, vocals
  • Anthony Rizzo - guitar
  • Joe Gorelick - drums, backing vocals


  • New Guitar Parts (Garden Variety split with Jejune 7") Montalban Hotel Records/BWR 1996
  • Binder (CMJ New Music Monthly - May 1995 comp) gern blandstein/cmj 1995
  • Stickler (Garden Variety split 7") Cargo 1995
  • (Knocking The Skill Level) Cargo/Headhunter 1995
  • Parker (Garden Variety split with Dahlia Seed 7") MintTone 1994
  • S/T (Garden Variety) Gern Blandsten 1993
  • Hedge (Garden Variety 7") MintTone 1992
  • First demo tape recorded on Northern Blvd in Queens 1991

Other appearances[edit]

Garden Variety appeared on a SoundViews magazine CD compilation, and with Pavement and many others on the famous Homage Descendants tribute CD. They were interviewed by actress Janeane Garofalo on the 1995 "7-Up listen up" series (in studio interview and recordings), appeared on the Lookout Records compilation Punk Rock USA alongside Jawbreaker, appeared with Texas is the Reason, Quicksand and many more on the Anti Matter CD/vinyl compilation (as well as the Anti Matter book), and on several other VHS video compilations during 1995/1996. In 1996, Vogue magazine interviewed the band for its Spring 1996 issue.

History after 1996[edit]

Anthony Roman played and recorded with Rockets Red Glare, then created the band Radio 4. Anthony Rizzo played and recorded with members of The Bogmen in the band Vic Thrill (as guitarist "The Saturn Missile") and played guitar for Radio 4. He is currently playing in Little Embers and is the main composer for the IFC show "Maron". Joe Gorelick played and recorded with Bluetip, Sugarhigh, The St. James Stars, Retisonic and Marah. He is currently playing a series of 2008 reunion shows Bluetip and Retisonic shows, in addition to recording new music with the two bands. Gorelick is currently on Dischord Records with 3/4 of Swiz in the band Red Hare.