Gardermoen, Norway

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Gardermoen is an area in Ullensaker, Norway. In 1998, it had a population of 259 people. Oslo Airport, Gardermoen, Gardermoen Air Station, Norwegian Armed Forces Aircraft Collection and Oslo Airport Station (train station) are located in the area.

Gardermoen is a compound of the farm name Garder and the finite form of mo m 'moor; drill ground' (thus 'the moor belonging to the farm Garder'). The farm is first mentioned in 1328 (Garðar), and the name is the plural of Norse garðr m 'fence'. The meaning is probably 'enclosure; fenced fields'.

Road routes through Gardermoen[edit]

Coordinates: 60°13′N 11°06′E / 60.217°N 11.100°E / 60.217; 11.100