Garmouth, Moray

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Plaque commemorating the landing of King Charles II at Garmouth

Garmouth (Scottish Gaelic: Geàrr Magh ["narrow plain"];[1] spurious Scottish Gaelic: Gairmeach,[2] A' Ghairmich; Scots: Germouth, Gairmou′), is a village in Moray, north east Scotland. It is situated close to the mouth of the River Spey and the coast of the Moray Firth at nearby Kingston (originally called the Port of Garmouth, it was renamed after a number of shipbuilders from Kingston-Upon-Hull found success there).

Garmouth has a claim to fame as the landing point of King Charles II on his return from exile in 1650 AD. A plaque in the village commemorates his signing there of the 1638 National Covenant and the 1643 Solemn League and Covenant shortly after coming ashore.

The village is also home to the Maggie Fair (originally a slave market), a historical annual event which in modern times takes the form of stalls for all ages. There is talk that in 2009 live music will become a much more prominent part of Maggie Fair, with ceilidhs featuring local young bands.

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Coordinates: 57°39′50″N 3°06′36″W / 57.66389°N 3.11000°W / 57.66389; -3.11000