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The Gaslight Tavern was located at 1241 Oread (as in 13th & Oread on The Hill), just off the University Of Kansas campus in Lawrence, Kansas, and was right next (west) to the Abington Book Shop (the "City Lights" of the midwest[1]) that was owned by the beat poet, John E. Fowler (publisher of GRIST[2]) and wife Sara.[3] The Gaslight was a popular hangout for students and non-students alike over several decades, from the peaceful times of the Silent Generation to the more turbulent times of the Counter Culture.[4]

The Gaslight has been featured in poetry and fiction.[5] During the era of Folk music, the Gaslight opened the stage to local artists.[6] Later, beat poet George Edward Kimball held 'court' at the Gaslight. [7] George was noted for running for Douglas County sheriff in 1970 and losing the race; however, Phillip Hill was voted in, and removed from his office, as justice of the peace.[8]

KU student Nick Rice [9] was shot to death in front of the Gaslight [10] by local police during an anti-war riot in Summer 1970. On the night of July 16, 1970, KU freshman, Rick "Tiger" Dowdell was shot in downtown Lawrence.[9]

The building burned in the 70s, under suspicious conditions.[11][12][13][14] [15] The original location of the Gaslight is now a parking area for the KU Student Union which was burned in the 1970 riots.

In its heyday, the Gaslight, as a bar and grill, offered varieties of near beer and adequate hamburgers. Entertainment consisted of juke-box music, pin-ball machines, and a pool table (and conversation). Live entertainment was not a regular event.

Gaslight Gardens[edit]

The Gaslight Gardens reopened on March 17, 2012[16] and uses a "European beer garden motif."

Earlier, the establishment was known as Gaslight Tavern for several years,[17] operated in north Lawrence, Kansas as a bar and coffeehouse [18] and offered live entertainment on a regular basis. While the interior only offered a capacity of 39, there was an unusually large patio area.

The Gaslight did not renew their lease for 2009 and was closed temporarily.[19] It reopened on July 3, 2009 [20][21] and closed, again on _ _, __.


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