São João Baptista (Boa Vista)

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São João Baptista
Civil parish
São João Baptista is located in Cape Verde
São João Baptista
São João Baptista
Coordinates: 16°08′N 22°44′W / 16.14°N 22.73°W / 16.14; -22.73Coordinates: 16°08′N 22°44′W / 16.14°N 22.73°W / 16.14; -22.73
Country Cape Verde
Island Boa Vista
Municipality Boa Vista
Population (2010)[1]
 • Total 639

São João Baptista (Portuguese meaning Saint John the Baptist) is a freguesia (civil parish) of Cape Verde. It covers the eastern part of the island of Boa Vista. It is named after the church located in Fundo das Figueiras.


The freguesia consists of the following settlements: