Gaudeamus Hut

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Gaudeamus Hut
Gaudeamus Hut is located in Austria
Gaudeamus Hut
Gaudeamus Hut
Gaudeamus Hut (Austria)
Coordinates 47°32′57″N 12°19′29″E / 47.54917°N 12.32472°E / 47.54917; 12.32472Coordinates: 47°32′57″N 12°19′29″E / 47.54917°N 12.32472°E / 47.54917; 12.32472
Country Austria
Location on the southern side of the Wilder Kaiser
Elevation 1,270 m (4,167 ft) AA
Built in 1899
Hut type DAV Hut Category I
Owner German Alpine Club (DAV) - Main-Spessart Section
Beds/Bunks 30
Mattresses 36
Winter room 10
Opening times mid-May to mid-October
Hut reference OeAV DAV

The Gaudeamus Hut (German: Gaudeamushütte) is an Alpine club hut in the Kaisergebirge mountains in Tyrol. It is run by the Main-Spessart section of the German Alpine Club.[1]


The hut is located on the southern side of the Wilder Kaiser at a height of 1,270 metres (4,170 ft) where it stands at the foot of the Törlspitzen peaks on an Alpine pasture. From its sun terrace the view extends from the Ellmauer Tor, over to the Karlspitzen peaks and on to the Ellmauer Halt, the highest mountain in the Kaisergebirge range. Several paths and mountain trails branch off near the Gaudeamus Hut and its central location is the main reason for the popularity of this base both with day trippers[1] and with hillwalkers and climbers. By using the toll road, the hut is quickly reached and acts as a starting point for numerous summit ascents and crossings to other places in the Wilder Kaiser. It is fully staffed from mid-May to mid-October.[1]


The Gaudeamus Hut was built in 1899 below the Kübel Cirque (Kübelkar) by the Academic Alpine Club Section of Berlin. It remained unstaffed until 1911, and was then temporarily rented to the Kitzbühel section. In 1924 an avalanche destroyed the hut. In the same year a temporary hut was erected and basic services were provided. In 1927 the Berlin Section built the present hut about 300 metres further east. It survived the Second World War without damage and the tenants changed very rarely. After the war it was taken over by the Main-Spessart section, and the hut was refurbished and extended in 2003. Since the 2004 season Martin and Anni Leichtfried have been the tenants.


The Gaudeamus Hut is very popular with day visitors.[1] To reach the hut by car from the Inn Valley Motorway (A12), take the Kufstein-Süd exit and drive along the B173 and B178. From Salzburg drive through Lofer and St. Johann in Tirol, also along the B178, to Ellmau. Then branch off north and finally join the toll road up to the Wochenbrunner Alm, where there is a large car park at a height of 1,080 metres.


By foot, the shortest and quickest way to the hut starts from the Wochenbrunner Alm and runs up to the Gaudeamus Hut in just 30–40 minutes without posing any problems. Equally possible is the ascent from Scheffau, Ellmau or Going-Prama, each taking about 2 hours.[1]




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