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Native name: Γαυδοπούλα
The islet of Gavdopoula
GR Gavdos.PNG
Coordinates 34°53′N 24°01′E / 34.883°N 24.017°E / 34.883; 24.017
Archipelago Cretan Islands
Area 2 km2 (0.77 sq mi)
Region Crete
Regional unit Chania
Population 3 (2001)
Pop. density 2 /km2 (5 /sq mi)
Vehicle registration ΧΝ

Gavdopoula (Greek: Γαυδοπούλα, [ɣavðoˈpula]) is an islet located north-west of its larger neighbour, Gavdos, in the Libyan Sea. It is located to the south of Crete, of which it is administratively a part, in the regional unit of Chania. It is part of the municipality of Gavdos, and it was part of the former Selino Province.


Gavdopoula is covered with phrygana (φρύγανα) low-lying shrubs. It is an important stop for migrating birds.[1]

Proposed Container Shipping Development[edit]

In 1998 the islet was the proposed site of an enormous container shipping storage facility. Environmentalists campaigned successfully to block the development and Gavdopoula is now a protected nature reserve and notably for migrating birds.[2]

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