Karga (island)

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Native name: Κάργα
Aptera view.JPG
The islet of Karga in the distance.
Karga (island) is located in Greece
Karga (island)
Karga (island) (Greece)
Coordinates 35°27′18″N 24°11′38″E / 35.455°N 24.194°E / 35.455; 24.194Coordinates: 35°27′18″N 24°11′38″E / 35.455°N 24.194°E / 35.455; 24.194
Archipelago Cretan Islands
Region Crete
Regional unit Chania
Population 0 (2001)

Karga (Greek: Κάργα), is an uninhabited islet close to the northern coast of Crete in the Aegean Sea. It is located in Souda Bay opposite the islets of Palaiosouda, Souda, and Leon. Administratively, it is within the municipality of Vamos, in Chania regional unit.

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