Monitor ERP Arena

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Monitor ERP Arena
Gavlerinken Arena 02.jpg
Former namesGavlerinken Arena (2014–2019)
Läkerol Arena (2006–2014)
Gavlerinken (1967–2006)
LocationGävle, Sweden
Coordinates60°41′28″N 17°07′56″E / 60.69111°N 17.13222°E / 60.69111; 17.13222Coordinates: 60°41′28″N 17°07′56″E / 60.69111°N 17.13222°E / 60.69111; 17.13222
OwnerBrynäs IF (2005–present)
Gävle Municipality (1967–2005)
CapacityIce hockey: 7,909
Opened28 September 1967
Brynäs IF (SHL) (1967–present)

Monitor ERP Arena, formerly named Gavlerinken Arena (2014–2019), Läkerol Arena (2006–2014) and Gavlerinken (1967–2006), is an indoor sporting arena located in Gävle, Sweden. The capacity of the arena is 7,909 for ice hockey games and 11,000 for concerts which makes it the 8th largest ice hockey arena in Sweden.[1] The arena is the home arena of the Brynäs IF ice hockey team.

The arena is partly powered by two 4 kW vertical axis wind turbine manufactured by Urban Green Energy.[2]


Originally named Gavlerinken, the arena was opened on 28 September 1967.[3] In 2005, the municipality of Gävle sold the arena to Brynäs IF which re-built it and sold the naming rights to Leaf Candy Company, manufacturer of the Läkerol pastilles, and it re-opened as Läkerol Arena on 13 November 2006. After the municipality of Gävle re-acquired the naming rights in June 2014, they changed the name of the arena to Gavlerinken Arena for the following five seasons (through 2018–19).[4] Following the expiration of this deal, on 20 September 2019 a new deal was reached with Monitor ERP System to rename the arena Monitor ERP Arena for the following five seasons (through 2023–24).[5]

In 2007 and 2016, the arena hosted a semi-final of Melodifestivalen.

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