Rögle BK

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Rögle BK
LeagueSwedish Hockey League
Home arenaLindab Arena
(Capacity: 5,150)
ColorsGreen, white
General managerCanada Chris Abbott
Head coachCanada Cam Abbott
CaptainUnited States Craig Schira

Rögle BK (Rögle Bandyklubb) is a Swedish professional ice hockey club from Ängelholm that has been playing in the SHL since the 2015–16 season. Rögle has previously played in the SHL (previously named Elitserien) in 19921996, 20082010, and briefly in 2012–13.


Rögle BK was founded in 1932 as a Swedish bandy team, which is why the team is named "Rögle Bandyklubb" (or "bandy club"). The club was actually Scanian district champions in bandy in 1948. The club's ice hockey team played in the top Swedish league, at that time Division I, from 1966 to 1969, and again, in Elitserien as it was called at the time, between 1992–93 and 1995–96. After another twelve years in the second-tier division HockeyAllsvenskan, the team was promoted back to Elitserien after finishing second in the 2008 Kvalserien. Rögle BK began the 2008–09 Elitserien season surprisingly well, and after the first 18 rounds the team found itself at a top position, only goals behind leading Linköpings HC. However, Rögle BK finished eleventh in the 2008–09 Elitserien season and therefore had to play in the 2009 Kvalserien to stay in Elitserien, which they achieved after finishing second in the 2009 Kvalserien for the second time in a row. In 2009–10 they ended last in the standings and had to play in the 2010 Kvalserien, where they subsequently failed to re-qualify for Elitserien and were relegated to HockeyAllsvenskan.

Rögle briefly returned to Elitserien after finishing second in the 2012 Kvalserien, becoming the first team to claim an Elitserien spot after winning the HockeyAllsvenskan playoff round to earn the last spot in the Kvalserien. However, after finishing last in the 2012–13 Elitserien season, Rögle had to play in the 2013 Kvalserien to stay in Elitserien, but the team failed to re-qualify and were relegated back to the second-tier league HockeyAllsvenskan; Rögle's return to Elitserien lasted for only one season.

Season-by-season record[edit]

List of Rögle seasons
Season Level Division Record Avg.
Notes Ref.
Position W-T-L
For a complete list, see List of Rögle BK seasons
2007–08 Tier 2 HockeyAllsvenskan 3rd 26–8–11 2,655 [1]
Elitserien qualifier 2nd 6–1–3 3,965 Increase Promoted to Elitserien
2008–09 Tier 1 Elitserien 11th 18–12–25 4,820 [1]
Elitserien qualifier 2nd 5–2–5 4,961
2009–10 Tier 1 Elitserien 12th 13–12–30 4,162 [1]
Elitserien qualifier 3rd 3–4–3 4,425 Decrease Relegated to HockeyAllsvenskan
2010–11 Tier 2 HockeyAllsvenskan 2nd 26–9–2–15 3,119 [1]
Elitserien qualifier 4th 3–2–0–5 3,923
2011–12 Tier 2 HockeyAllsvenskan 5th 21–7–8–16 2,973 [1]
Pre-qualifier 1st 2–2–0-2 3,345
Elitserien qualifier 2nd 6–0–1–3 4,493 Increase Promoted to Elitserien
2012–13 Tier 1 Elitserien 12th 10–5–6–34 3,886 [1]
Elitserien qualifier 4th 2–1–0–7 3,338 Decrease Relegated to HockeyAllsvenskan [2]
2013–14 Tier 2 HockeyAllsvenskan 7th 21–6–5–20 2,971 [3]
Playoffs 1st 4–2–0–0 2,676 [4]
SHL qualifiers 3rd 4–2–1–3 4,394 [5]
2014–15 Tier 2 HockeyAllsvenskan 4th 22–6–7–17 3,008 [6]
Playoffs 1st 2–3–0–0 2,421 [7]
SHL qualifiers 4–0–0–1 4,939 Won 4–1 in games vs VIK Västerås HK
Increase Promoted to the SHL
2015–16 Tier 1 SHL 11th 16–4–6–26 4,305 [9]
2016–17 Tier 1 SHL 13th 12–4–3–33 3,790 [10]
SHL qualifiers 4–0–0–0 4,626 Won 4–0 in games vs BIK Karlskoga [11]

Current roster[edit]

Updated September 15, 2015.[2][3]

# Nat Player Pos S/G Age Acquired Birthplace
14 Canada Stephen Perfetto C/LW L 35 2017 Ontario, Canada
23 United States Taylor Matson C R 30 2014 Mound, Minnesota
29 Sweden Ludvig Rensfeldt LW L 27 2014 Gävle, Sweden
8 Sweden Jesper Williamsson D L 28 2015 Nässjö, Sweden

Honored members[edit]

Other notable players[edit]

The brothers Jörgen Jönsson and Kenny Jönsson started their careers in Rögle BK. After several seasons in the National Hockey League, Kenny played for the team again between 2004 and 2008–09.


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