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Katsina Ala
Katsina Ala is located in Nigeria
Katsina Ala
Katsina Ala
Location in Nigeria
Coordinates: 7°19′30″N 9°0′18″E / 7.32500°N 9.00500°E / 7.32500; 9.00500
CountryFlag of Nigeria.svg Nigeria
StateBenue State
Local Government HeadquartersGboko Town
 • Local Government Chairwoman and the Head of the Local Government CouncilOrpin Becky[1]

Gboko is a fast-growing town in the Benue State of North-central Nigeria. The name Gboko also refers to a Local Government in Benue State. The population for the town is over 500,000, mostly Tiv people. It is the traditional capital of the Tiv tribe and it has the official residence of the Tor-Tiv, who is the paramount traditional ruler of the Tiv people that spread across Benue, Taraba, Plateau, Nasarawa, and Enugu States. Gboko was also the headquarters of the Tiv Native Authority. The famous Tiv politician Senator Joseph Saawuan Tarkaa has his tomb in Gboko. Many of the prominent Tiv sons and daughters have a home in Gboko where they visit often. Prominent Tiv sons that lived in Gboko include Engr. Senator Dr. BAI Gemade, Prof. Ayua, Gen. Inienger, Senator Dr. Jack Gyado, Sen. Dr. Iyorchia Ayu, Sen. Dr George Akume, Chief Denen Tofi,[do well] the business magnate, Engr Tachia jooji, Mike Mku, Amb. E. Agum, Rev. Fr. Dr. Vitalis Torwel, Lanem Atoh, Dominic Mhenga-Iorfa Mtem and many others. Despite their frequent visit and having homes in the town, Gboko remains highly underdeveloped in terms of infrastructure, poor road networks and youth unemployment is very high as can be seen among many youths inhabiting the town, who survive mostly on riding commercial motorcycles popularly known as "Okada". In consequence, the rate of Crime in the town remains high as youth unrest soars. The Dangote Cement Plant, once owned by the Benue State Government (formerly called Benue Cement Company) is situated at Gboko.[2][3]

Gboko is nicknamed "Gboko-yuhwa" which means "heavy town" owing to the rebellious attitude of its youths.[1]. The town is also called "G-Town" by many today. Important annual events in Gboko are the Kwagh-hir Festival and Tiv Day celebration. Kwagh-hir is the Tiv traditional theater. It is the festival of storytelling and it usually includes Big animal puppets. It is staged at any time of year and on special occasions. The Tiv Day celebration is the day when all Tiv sons and daughters resident in all other parts of the world converge in Gboko to celebrate the cultural heritage of the Tivs and also deliberate on developmental issues affecting the Tiv people. Until recently, Gboko was also home to the BCC Lions Football Club (formerly owned by Benue Cement Company PLC Gboko), the winners of the Confederation Cup (Mandela Cup) in 1990 who defeated the prominent "Club Africain" of Tunisia in the final of the Confederation Cup to clinch the coveted trophy.

Coordinates: 7°19′30″N 9°00′18″E / 7.325°N 9.005°E / 7.325; 9.005


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