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Geetanjali Misra
Geetanjali Misra.jpg
Geetanjali Misra at AWID 2016
Occupation Advocate, writer, speaker

Geetanjali Misra is a speaker and writer about sexuality and women's rights in South Asia, and a public advocate for gender justice. She is the Executive Director of CREA, a women's rights NGO based in New Delhi, and president of the Women's Initiatives for Gender Justice, a watchdog group monitoring the International Criminal Court.[1]

Recent life and works[edit]

Misra has written a number of academic papers on the rights of sex workers in Asia, including Protecting the Rights of Sex Workers: The Indian Experience, published in 2000 in the Harvard School of Public Health Health and Human Rights journal.[2]

In 2005, she co-authored Sexuality, Gender and Rights: Exploring Theory and Practice in South and Southeast Asia (SAGE Publications) with Radhika Chandiramani. The book covers sexuality and rights in South Asia, from education and health services to transsexuality, AIDS concerns and treatment, and advocacy.[3]

She was a board member of the Association for Women's Rights in Development (AWID), and in 2005 was elected president of the Board.[4]


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