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Chen Yu-Rong and Wang Ping from the Association on the Film Festival.

Gender/Sexuality Rights Association Taiwan (台灣性別人權協會 Táiwān Xìngbié Rénquán Xiéhuì) also known by the acronym G/STRAT was established in May 1999 in Taiwan. It aims to promote rights of sexual minorities in the aspects of family, education system, politics, economy and law.

It had protested the "Measures Governing the Rating Systems of Publications and Pre-recorded Video Programs" in Taiwan, supported the "Gin Gin's" gay bookstore when it was accused "offenses against morals", and presented Asian Lesbian Film and Video Festival in August 2005. Wang Ping is currently the Secretary-general.

In 2004, it won International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission's (IGLHRC) Felipa de Souza Award.

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