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Santa Bárbara Sistemas is a Spanish defense contractor based in Madrid, integrated under the European Land Systems of General Dynamics. It is one of the primary suppliers of the Military of Spain and is responsible for the assembly of heavy vehicles such as the Spanish Army's Leopard 2E main battle tank and the Pizarro infantry combat vehicle. The primary lines of business of Santa Bárbara Sistemas are armoured vehicles, special and amphibious vehicles, weapons systems, munitions and missiles, and Research & Development. The company is delivering the prototypes of the UK's Scout SV AFV through General Dyanamics in the UK.

General Dynamics acquired the company from the Spanish government 25 July 2001.[1]

Products and programmes[edit]

CETME L Assault rifle
Leopard 2E Tank
ASCOD / Pizarro Infantry fighting vehicle
Rg-31 of the Spanish Army

Weapons and systems[edit]

  • Firearms:
  • Artillery:
  • Gun turrets:
    • TC-25 - Turret
    • TC-13 - Turret
    • TC-3 - Turret
    • TC-7 - Turret
    • TC-19 - Turret
    • TC-9 - Turret

Munitions and powders[edit]

  • Powders
    • Pólvora Dx
    • Pólvora Esferoidal
  • Munitions
    • Artillery
    • Small Caliber
    • Medium Caliber
    • Tank ammunitions
  • Explosives
    • Cutting and perforating explosives

Armoured vehicles[edit]

  • Tracked Vehicles
  • Wheeled Vehicles
    • BMR- Vehículo blindado medio de ruedas
    • Dragoon AFV - Vehículo blindado medio sobre ruedas
    • VEC- Vehículo blindado de exploración de caballería

Cooperative programs[edit]

Modernisation programs[edit]


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