Generasi Biru

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Generasi Biru
Album Slank Generasi Biru.jpg
Studio album by Slank
Released 1994
Genre rock
Label PISS Record
Producer Slank
Slank chronology
Generasi Biru

Generasi Biru is Slank's fourth album. It was released in December 1994. This is the first album produced by Slank. The first three albums was produced by Boedi Soesatio under the Projek 'Q' label.

First Time as Producer[edit]


Slank has made a breakthrough in Indonesian music in the 90's. Before Slank, Indonesian music was dominated by the so-called 'pop cengeng' and Creative Pop genre. The various musical influences within Slank personnels has made a difference in their music. This difference was found out by a graphic designer, Boedi Soesatio, who was also a family friend of Indra Q. This was the man who land the deal to the band for the first three albums.


After the first three-album contract discontinued from Boedi Soesatio, Slank decided to produce the next album themselves. Slank tried to make another breakthrough by recording the album outside a recording studio. They use three units of ADAT, a Super VHS format recording units owned by Indra Q, the keyboardist.

Recording Places[edit]

There are three places that was used for recordings. Six songs were recorded at Pondok Nurul a villa at Cipayung, West Java. Two songs were recorded at Bunda Emma's place at Cibubur, West Java. The rest was taken at their home base in Jalan Potlot. These recording process was drawn as sketch inside the album sleeve.[1]

Chicken Pox[edit]

During the recording at Pondok Nurul, Pay—the guitar player, and Indra Q—the keyboard player, caught Varicella (Chicken Pox) that they have to break the recording process for a moment of time.

Track listing[edit]

  1. Kamu Harus Pulang
  2. Terbunuh Sepi
  3. Serba Salah
  4. Blues Males
  5. Nggak Perawan Lagi
  6. Hey … Bung!
  7. Reaksi
  8. Feodalisme (Warisan Kompeni)
  9. Birokrasi Compleks
  10. Pisah Saja Dulu
  11. Generasi Biroe


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