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Map of Genertela by Christophe Dang Ngoc Chan
RuneQuest, etc. location
Created by Greg Stafford
Genre Role-playing game
Type continent
Notable locations Dragon Pass

Genertela is the northern continent of Greg Stafford's fictional world Glorantha.

Geography and climate[edit]

Genertela is divided into a few distinct regions by three great mountain ranges:

  • The Rockwood Mountains and their western extension, the Nidan Mountains, divide western and central Genertela into a northern and a southern half.
  • The Mislari and Skyreach Mountains separate the southwest from the central south and meet the Rockwoods in the Dragon Pass region of Maniria.
  • The Shanshan Mountains in the east separate the lands of Kralorela and Verenela from the steppes in eastern central Genertela.

The climate ranges from Arctic (Fronela and Valind's Glacier in the northwest) to subtropical (Verenela in the southeast).


The primary inhabitants are humans (of various racial types), as well as aldryami (elves), mostali (dwarfs), uz (trolls) and less populous races such as durulz (large intelligent ducks with arms) and dragonewts.


The major geographical regions, grouped by their predominant religious forms, are:

The West - Medieval Monotheism

  • Fronela
  • Seshnela
  • Ralios

The Centre - Classical Polytheism

  • Peloria (inc. the Lunar Empire)
  • Maniria (inc. Dragon Pass)

The Wastelands - Nomadic Shamanism

  • Prax
  • Pent

The East - Oriental Mysticism

  • Kralorela
  • Verenela