Genting Monorail

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Genting Monorail
Owner Genting Group
Locale Genting Highlands
Transit type straddle-beam monorail (Steel-tracked).
Number of lines 1
Number of stations 2
Began operation 1994[1]
Ended operation 1 July 2013[2]
Operator(s) Genting Highlands
Number of vehicles 5 working gondolas
System length 1 km[3]

The Genting Monorail is a theme park monorail service at Genting Highlands. The trains are designed to look like caterpillars. This monorail was the first in Malaysia, and the service began in 1994.[4] In July 2013, along with Corkscrew and Grand Prix Fun Kart, the Genting monorail service ceased operations.[2]

In 1992 the trains of the monorail were used at the Dutch Floriade before they were sold to the Malaysian theme park.



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