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Resorts World Genting
Genting 01.jpg
Resorts World Genting
Resorts World Genting is located in Peninsular Malaysia
Resorts World Genting
Resorts World Genting
Location within Malaysia
Opening date 1965
Total gaming space Over 200,000 sq ft (19,000 m2)
Casino type Land-Based
Owner Genting Group
Coordinates type:landmark 3°25′25″N 101°47′36″E / 3.42361°N 101.79333°E / 3.42361; 101.79333

Genting Highlands (Malay: Tanah Tinggi Genting, otherwise known as Resorts World Genting, is a hill resort in Malaysia developed by Genting Group.

The hill resort is at an average elevation of 1,740 metres (5,710 ft) within the Titiwangsa Mountains on the border between the states of Pahang and Selangor of Malaysia. Resorts World Genting is operated by Genting Malaysia Berhad (formerly known as Resorts World Bhd), which also operates Awana chain of resorts & hotels. It is accessible by car from Kuala Lumpur in one hour, or also accessible by a cable car called Genting Skyway (3.38 kilometres (2.10 mi)[1] which at its opening was the world's fastest and South East Asia's longest gondola lift.


The idea of a hill resort located near Kuala Lumpur occurred to the late Tan Sri Lim Goh Tong during a business trip to the Cameron Highlands in 1964. He mooted this idea while enjoying the fresh and crisp air from the balcony of his hotel room. A private company called Genting Highlands Berhad was set up on 27 April 1965, with the late Tan Sri Haji Mohammed Noah bin Omar, Tan Sri Lim successfully obtained approval for the alienation of 12,000 acres (4,900 ha) and 2,800 acres (1,100 ha) of land from the Pahang and Selangor State Government respectively between the years 1965 and 1970. An anomaly happened during the obtaining of the land approvals. While the Pahang state government swiftly approved a freehold lease, the Selangor state reluctantly approved a 99-year lease. As a result, Tan Sri Lim Goh Tong met the then Menteri Besar of Selangor, Dato Harun Idris and told him that a freehold lease would be more feasible than a 99-year lease. Finally, the Selangor state government agreed to grant a freehold lease.

On 18 August 1965, a technical and construction team began the four-year task to complete the access road from Genting Sempah to the peak of Gunung Ulu Kali. On 31 March 1969, the late YTM Tunku Abdul Rahman, Malaysia’s first Prime Minister laid the foundation stone for the company’s pioneer hotel, marking the completion of the access road to Genting Highlands Resort. The Prime Minister was impressed that the private sector, without the assistance of the Government, could develop a mountain resort for the enjoyment of all Malaysians[citation needed]; subsequently a gaming licence was suggested to help accelerate the development of this remote area.

In 1971, the first hotel at Genting Highlands was successfully completed and was named Highlands Hotel (now renamed Theme Park Hotel). The Genting Highlands Resort continued to expand since the opening of the first hotel in 1971. Development of the area continued with care taken to ensure the maintenance of the natural beauty of the rainforest of the region.[citation needed] In 1997, Genting Highlands Resort added the Genting Skyway cable car system that provides a 3.38 kilometres (2.10 mi) transport to the hilltop. Genting Skyway is also recognised as the "World's Fastest Mono Cable Car System" with a maximum speed of 21.6 kilometres per hour (13.4 mph) and the "Longest Cable Car in Malaysia and Southeast Asia maybe".[citation needed]

In 2013, Genting announced a new 1,300 room hotel expansion to the current First World Hotel, a new 10,000 seat arena and reconverting the current theme park to RM1 billion 20th Century Fox World theme park.[2][3][4]


The comprehensive indoor and outdoor theme-park was promoted as the destination for "Fun at The Peak". The entire resort was subsequently billed; "The City of Entertainment". Genting Highlands is the only legal land-based casino, Casino de Genting, in the country and is owned by Genting Malaysia Berhad, a subsidiary of Genting Group.


First World Hotel
Resort Hotel and Genting Hotel

Resorts World Genting has five hotels. One of the five hotels, the First World Hotel, holds the Guinness World of Records as the largest hotel in the world from 2006 until 2013, with a total of 6,118 rooms.[5]


  • The Patio Bar & Lounge

Genting Skyway[edit]

Genting Skyway (cabin view)

Genting Skyway, located at the Batang Kali, Selangor side of Genting, Malaysia, is a monocable gondola lift serving the Genting Highlands Resort. Its lower station is located near Gohtong Jaya, and its upper station is located at Highlands Hotel of Genting Highlands Resort.


The resort has four performance venues.

  • Arena of Stars
  • Genting International Showroom
  • Genting International Convention Centre
  • First World Plaza

Food & Beverages[edit]


  • Bakery: pastries, sandwiches & desserts
  • Coffee Terrace: Asian and Western buffet
  • Genting Palace Restaurant: Cantonese cuisine
  • Hainan Kitchen: Hainanese cuisine
  • Imperial Rama: Fine Dining Thai-Chinese cuisine
  • Ming Ren Restaurant: Xinjiang cuisine
  • The Olive: Fine Dining Western cuisine
  • VIP Restaurant: Thai-Chinese cuisine
  • Spice Garden: Indian cuisine

Snacks and Confectionery[edit]

Title Property Level Store Number
Baskin Robbins First World Hotel & Plaza 2 F/L 2.C1
Famous Amos F/L 2.C2
Chatime F/L 2.C9
2B F/L 2B.C1
Hot & Roll 2M F/L 2M.C1
RichDad 1 F/L 1.20
M&M Shop 2 F/L 2.41
Heng Heng Local Delight 2A F/L 2A.13A
De`Chocolate Fidani F/L 2A.16
Purple Cane Tea Art Centre F/L 2A.27
I Candy Studio F/L 2A.24
Qi Qi Taiwan Snack Genting Grand LG LG 13.00
Only Easy Store LG 6.00
Qi Qi Crepe LG 5.00
Country's Tidbits LG 18.00
Little Bean-Roasted Chestnut LG 19.00
Genting Skyway SC SC/3.C1
Loong Kee Dried Meat 3 F/L 3.5.22 & 3.5.23
Country's Tid-Bits F/L 3.5.26
Heng Heng Sea Product Centre F/L 3.5.8, 3.5.9 & 3.5.10
Strawberry Farm F/L 3.5-6
Yuen Fong F/L 3.5-11
Resort Hotel B5 B5.4.00
Siew Pao B5.3.00
Baskin Robbins Maxims LG LG 2.00
Koong Woh Tong LG 3.00
Tian Ma Bird Nest LG 4.00
Famous Amos LG 5.00
Boost Juice Bar LG 7.00

Café and Restaurant[edit]

Title Property Level Store Number
One Meter `Teh First World Hotel & Plaza 1 F/L 1.1
Starbucks Coffeé F/L 1.4
Shanghai 10 2 F/L 2.1
Flavours F/L 2.20
JR Curry House F/L 2.9
Only Mee F/L 2.9A
Nyonya Colours F/L 2.12A
Market Food Street F/L 2.C4 & 2.C5
Ah Yat Abalone 2A F/L 2A.23
Hot Pot F/L 2A.30
Qi Qi Taiwanese Cuisine F.L 2A.30A
East Court 2B F/L 2B.1
Only Easy Store 2AM F/L 2AM.1
RichDad Genting Grand LG LG 17.00
East Court LG 16.00
HERE LG 20.00
Munakata Ramen LG 3.00 & 4.00
Cafe ` 7 Genting Skyway B4 B4.2
Spice Garden Maxims G G 6.00
The Eatery LG LG 1.00
Starbucks Coffee LG 6.00
The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Resort Hotel G G 2.00
Old Town B5 B5.5.00

Fast Food[edit]

Title Property Level Store Number
Kenny Roger's Roasters First World Hotel & Plaza 2 F/L 2.11A
MarryBrown F/L 2.19
Genting Grand LG LG 21.00
McDonald's LG 1.00
KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) LG 2.00


Title Property Level Store Number
Highland Bus Station Canteen Resort Hotel B5 B5.2.00

First World Hotel & Plaza[edit]

Kopitiam Food Court Stalls[edit]

Title Property Level Store Number
Wong Heng Thai Food First World Hotel & Plaza 2B F/L2B 11
Noodles Corner F/L2B 3A
Northern Indian F/L2B 4A
Little Nyonya F/L2B 4B
Hot Soup F/L2B 5A
Teppanyaki F/L2B 5B
Herbal Soup F/L2B 6A
Claypot & Sizzling Specialities F/L2B 6B
Fancy Burger F/L2B 7A
Vegeterian F/L2B 8A
Taiwanese F/L2B 8B
Lok Lok & Noodles F/L2B 9A
Woh Heng Chinese F/L2B 9B


Shoes / Bags / Leather Goods / Accessories[edit]

Title Property Level Store Number
Bonia First World Hotel & Plaza 2 F/L 2.7
Carlo Rino F/L 2.7A
Hush Puppies 2A F/L 2A.10
Viss Studio F/L 2A.12
Staccato F/L 2A.4
Travel For All F/L 2A.14
Bonita & Elianto F/L 2A.13B
Maxims LG F/L LG 1.00

Jewellery / Timepieces[edit]

Title Property Level Store Number
First Diamond First World Hotel & Plaza 2 F/L 2.31
Solar Time 2A F/L 2A.8B
Regent Gold Smith Genting Grand G F/L 1
Anytime Genting Skyway 3 F/L 3.5.26A


Title Property Level Store Number
Padini Authentics First World Hotel & Plaza 2 F/L 2.2
Giordano F/L 2.3
Diesel F/L 2.4
Poney Enfants F/L 2.40
G2000 Men F/L 2.6
Voir F/L 2.8
Cotton On 2A F/L 2A.2
Tangs F/L 2A.20
Padini Concept Store F/L 2A.21
Factory Outlet F/L 2A.26
Poney Baby F/L 2A.8A
JC Creative Corner Genting Skyway 3 F/L 3.5.17


Title Property Level Store Number
Adidas First World Hotel & Plaza 2 F/L 2.5
Converse Boutique 2A F/L 2A.15
Nike Factory Store 2B F/L 2B.3

Optical / Eyewear[edit]

Title Property Level Store Number
Milano First World Hotel & Plaza 2A F/L 2A.8

Gift & Candies[edit]

Title Property Level Store Number
Sisasia Collection First World Hotel & Plaza 2A F/L 2A.34
Lovely Lace F/L 2A.5
Yes, It's a Store F/L 2A.9A
Tenmoku Pottery Genting Skyway 3 F/L 3.5-16
Rico Gallery Maxims LG LG 1.00

Convenience Store[edit]

Title Property Level Store Number
Seven Seven Convenience Store Genting Grand 1 F/L 1.9
G G 1.00
Genting Skyway 3 F/L 3.40
B4 B4.1
Maxims LG LG 1.00
Resort Hotel G G 2.00
168 Store B5 B5 1.00
RSC Mini Market 15th Floor P4 P4 2.00


Title Property Level Store Number
The Scarf Gallery First World Hotel & Plaza 2A F/L 2A.K6
Fit & Comfort F/L 2A.K7
World of Keychains F/L 2A.K8

Books / Gifts / Souvenirs[edit]

Title Property Level Store Number
My First World Hotel & Plaza 1 F/L 1.8

Leisure & Entertainment[edit]

Leisure & Entertainment[edit]

Title Property Level Store Number
Studio K First World Hotel & Plaza 2BM 2BM.1
Genting Bowl 2B
First World Cineplex 2A
Ripley's Believe It Or Not! F/L 2A.19A

Digital Lifestyle[edit]

Title Property Level Store Number
Digi Concept Store Genting Grand LG G/LG 14.00
WorldCard Mobile First World Hotel & Plaza 2 F/L 2.14
Phone City 2A F/L 2A.24
Genting Skyway 3 F/L 3.5.4

Personal Care & Cosmetic[edit]

Title Property Level Store Number
Watsons First World Hotel & Plaza 1 F/L 1.3
F & E 2A F/L 2A.33
The Body Shop F/L 2A.5A
Sa Sa F/L 2A.6
Osim F/L 2A.11

Theme Parks[edit]

The Genting Outdoor Theme Park have been closed since 1 September 2013 to make way for the world’s first 20th Century Fox World, due to be completed by 2016.[6] Other rides and attractions except for some located in First World Indoor Theme Park, SnowWorld, Sky Venture, Genting Bowl, Vision City and Funtasy World Video Game Parks are opened as usual.

Currently, some of the rides in the First World Indoor Theme Park have been closed until further notice to facilitate the construction of the 20th Century Fox World. These rides have been stylised in bold and in italics.

Indoor Theme Park Rides[edit]

Children Rides[edit]

1. Carousel

2. Junior Bumper Car

3. Ride de Paris

4. Busy Bugs

5. Circus Ride

6. Funland

Family Rides[edit]

1. Mini Train

2. Reindeer Cruise

3. Monorail

4. Venice Gondola

5. Rio Float

Thrill Rides[edit]

1. Euro Express

2. Adult Bumper Car

3. 4D Motion Master

Signature Attractions[edit]

1. Genting Sky Venture

2. Snow World

3. Rainforest Splash Pool


1. Snooker Centre

Video Games Park[edit]

1. Funtasy World

2. Vision City


1. Ohmega Forces

2. Archery

3. The Haunted Adventure

4. Cyber World


Awards ceremonies[edit]

The resort hosts several award ceremonies at the Arena of Stars, with a capacity of 6,000 people.


  • X-Pax 'XLive Festival' 2008—music festival headlined by Missy Elliott

TV reality shows/competitions, awards showcase[edit]

Genting also plays host to a range of popular TV reality shows and award showcases being filmed on site including:

Other attractions[edit]

  • Awana Genting Highlands Golf & Country Resort
  • Chin Swee Caves Temple - located 10-minutes drive from Resorts World Genting, the temple site is built 4,600 feet above sea level.
  • Genting Strawberry Farm
  • Highlands Mushroom Farm
  • Highlands Vegetable Farm
  • Highlands Daylily Farm


Genting Highlands enjoys a spring-like climate, with yearly temperatures no higher than 25 °C (77 °F) and rarely falling below 14 °C (57 °F) yearly. The lowest temperature of Genting Highlands is 8.4 °C (47.1 °F).


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