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Limited liability company
Industry telecommunications
Founded 1996
Headquarters Tbilisi, Georgia
Products mobile telephony
Increase$140 million (2011)[1]
Parent Silknet

Geocell (Georgian: ჯეოსელი) is the mobile communication provider in Georgia, subdivision of Silknet, largest telecomunication company of Caucasus region.

Company was created in 1996 and became fully operational on GSM 900 MHz in March 1997.[2] Geocell was founded with shared Georgian and Turkish investment. The control packet of the company was owned by the Georgian side.

On 27 March 2001 Geocell acquired Georgia’s third largest GSM provider "GT Mobile" and renamed it into its second branch "Lai-Lai" and started operating on 1800 MHz frequency.

Alongside standard GSM and GPRS services the company owns a UMTS license (2100 MHz), enabling 3G technologies including HSDPA.[3]

Currently Geocell covers 97% of the populated territory of Georgia and provides roaming services in 134 countries worldwide. The company employs more than 4000 people and is one of the largest contributors to the Georgian budget.[4]

2007-2018 was part of TeliaSonera Group. Since 2018 is subdivision of Silknet.[5]

Since 2014 4G has been introduced to Georgia and is using 1800MHZ Also known as B3 Radio band.

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