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George T. Shaheen (born July 11, 1944), an American businessman, was chief executive at management consulting firm Andersen Consulting from 1989 to 1999, before moving on to now-defunct online grocer Webvan. His Webvan employment agreement, signed September 19, 1999 was filed with the SEC.[1] By going to Webvan, Shaheen missed out on the windfall of the Accenture initial public offering.[2] He holds a master's degree in finance from Bradley University.[3] Shaheen is an American of Lebanese descent.[4]

In 2005-2006, Shaheen was CEO of Siebel Systems, Inc.[5] and served as CEO when it merged with Oracle.[6] He did not stay on with Oracle after the merger.

Cultural references[edit]

George Shaheen was the target of parody in the comic Bigtime Consulting, which had a very similar CEO character named George Unseen.