George Tomeh

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George Tomeh
جورج طعمة
George Tomeh I.jpg
5th Permanent Representative of Syria to the United Nations
In office
Preceded by Salah el-Dine Tarazi
Succeeded by Haissam Kelani
Personal details
Born 1922
Damascus, Syria
Died 2004 (aged 81–82)
Amman, Jordan
Nationality Syria, United States
Alma mater American University of Beirut, Georgetown University
Profession Politician, Diplomat, Professor, Academic administrator
Religion Christian

George J. Tomeh (Arabic: جورج طعمة‎‎) (born 1922 in Damascus, Syria - 2004[1]) was an author, diplomat, and spokesman of the Arab cause in the United States.


Dr.Tomeh obtained a master of arts degree from the American University of Beirut and a doctorate from Georgetown University in Washington, D.C.



Since 1945, Dr.Tomeh represented the Syrian government in various capacities. Dr.Tomeh began his diplomatic career at the Syrian Embassy in London. He later served as Consul General of the United Arab Republic (Syria and Egypt) in New York City. Finally, he was appointed as Permanent Representative (Ambassador) of the Syrian Arab Republic to the United Nations. At the United Nations, Tomeh was a member of the committees dealing with the definition of aggression, decolonization and apartheid. In November 1970, he was the president of the Security Council. He was also appointed as minister of economics of the Syrian Government in 1964.[2][3]


In 1965, he was appinted professor of philosophy at the Syrian University. Dr. Tomeh was founding president (1988-1990) of University of Balamand in Lebanon where he was professor of philosophy and history as well.[4] Aside from teaching Dr.Tomeh has written books in Arabic and in English.[2]


Dr. Tomeh served as an advisor to the Arab Petroleum Exporting Countries (OAPEC) following his resignation from politics.[5]


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