Georges River College (Hurstville Boys Campus)

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Georges River College Hurstville Boys' Campus
Hurstville, NSW, 2220
Coordinates 33°57′45″S 151°06′34″E / 33.962561°S 151.109551°E / -33.962561; 151.109551Coordinates: 33°57′45″S 151°06′34″E / 33.962561°S 151.109551°E / -33.962561; 151.109551
Motto Guard the Good
Established 1928
Authority New South Wales Department of Education and Communities
Principal Leanne Larcombe
Teaching staff 32
Grades 7-10
Enrolment 377
Mascot The Griffin

Georges River College Hurstville Boys Campus, (formerly known as Hurstville Boys' High School and known as HBHS), is situated in the city of Hurstville in the Sydney region. The school caters for the educational needs of boys in the area of St. George and is broadly recognised for its programs.


From 2001 the school became a Years 7-10 campus of the Georges River College and strongly links with its former students. Students who finish Year 10 move on to the Georges River College Oatley Senior Campus.

Recent Issues[edit]

A group of school kids from the college were filmed harassing and abusing a disabled passenger on a Sydney train who had a developmental disability, it gained national media attention. The school has suspended the students. The woman who uploaded the footage said she was threatened with violence by one of the taunting students when they spotted her filming. Students wearing school uniforms from Georges River College at Oatley are seen laughing as one imitates the voice of the man, who was reportedly pretending to be on his phone while they were taunting him. The victim of the torment only recently gained the courage to travel alone on the train until they were unfortunately tormented. [1][2]


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