Gerald Westerby

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Gerald Westerby, or Jerry Westerby, is a fictional character created by John le Carré, and is the titular figure in The Honourable Schoolboy.

Westerby, former cricketer and sports journalist, is an "Occasional" asset of British intelligence ("the Circus"). Initially recruited by George Smiley, he was recalled from his Italian idyll and despatched to Hong Kong.


Westerby was played by Joss Ackland in the 1979 television serial based on the novel Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (.[1]

He appears in the 2011 film adaptation, where his given story is that of Sam Collins. He was played by Stephen Graham.[2]

Hugh Bonneville played the role of Westerby in the BBC Radio 4 dramatisation of the John le Carré novel The Honourable Schoolboy, first broadcast in January 2010.[3]