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Gershon Shaked (Hebrew: גרשון שקד‎‎) (1929–2006) was an Israeli scholar and critic of Hebrew literature.


Born Gerhard Mandel in Vienna, Austria, he immigrated to Mandate Palestine alone in 1939, and was later followed by his parents. He attended Gymnasia Herzliya in Tel Aviv. He hebraicized his surname to "Shaked"(almond). He was married to Malka, and had two daughters.[1]

Academic career[edit]

In 1950, Shaked studied at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, where he earned a doctorate in Hebrew literature in 1964 and later chaired the Department of Hebrew Literature. In addition to his many publications in Hebrew, he also wrote more than thirty books of criticism in other languages.[2]


Works in English[edit]

Literary criticism[edit]

Edited anthologies[edit]

  • 8 Great Hebrew Short Novels. Toby Press, 2005
  • Six Israeli Novellas, David R. Godine, 2002

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