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Giancarlo Meo is an Italian record producer[1][2] and entrepreneur. He started his career very young, becoming one of the architects in the explosion of the Italo disco scene that has found ample evidence abroad.

He founded Banana Records yielding successful artists like Easy Going and Vivien Vee. In the same year, he produced the note play jouer by Claudio Cecchetto.

In the early '90s, he created the brand Hit Mania, combined with the launch of a series of compilations.

The success of Hit Mania is also linked to several famous European artists such as Lùnapop, Haiducii (who reached the top of the European charts with "Dragostea Din Tei"), the duo Zero, the band Aventura (with their single "Obsesión"), as well as Crazy Frog.

He is president of a group of companies that include Universe SpA and Global Mania Entertainment Ltd., which have offices in Rome.[citation needed]


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