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Gigi Gaston is an American writer-director. Early in her life, Gaston was noted in the New York Times as an equestrian in 1977,[1][2] and she pursued a career in Olympic Equestrian Show jumping.[3]

Gaston has written and sold several screenplays, including Like a Lady,[4] Mockingbird, to Steve Tisch and New Line Cinema,[3][5] and Madame Lupescue to Ron Howard for a large six-figure sum in 1996.[6]

Her documentary The Cream Will Rise (1998) discussed singer/songwriter Sophie B. Hawkins's early years,[7] played at film festivals[8] and was well reviewed in Variety.[9] Gaston directed the music video for Olivia Newton-John's updated "I Honestly Love You".[3][10]

Gaston directed the 2001 heist film Beyond the City Limits[11] (Rip It Off) with Nastassja Kinski, Alyson Hannigan and Jennifer Esposito, which received mixed reviews.[12][13]

In 2008, Gaston directed the documentary We Will Not Be Silenced about alleged irregularities in the caucuses for the 2008 Democratic party presidential primaries.[3] The film was discussed in "right of center" blogs and media outlets such as Fox and Friends and others.[14]

In 2012, she wrote and directed the play Room 105: The Highs and Lows of Janis Joplin, featuring Sophie B. Hawkins as Joplin.[15][16] It opened on October 4, the anniversary of Joplin's death,[17] and its run was extended.[18] It was described as "impressively written and directed" and "a joy" in EDGE Los Angeles,[19] and received good reviews elsewhere.[20]


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