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Gig or GIG may refer to:

Arts and entertainment[edit]


As an acronym[edit]


  • Geraldine Gig Gangel (born 1958), Playboy Playmate of the Month for January 1980
  • Gig Morton (born 1996), Canadian actor
  • Elizabeth Gig Ryan (born 1956), Australian poet
  • Gig Young (1913–1978), American actor born Byron Elsworth Barr

Other uses[edit]

  • Gig, short for gigabyte, a computer unit of information
  • Gig, a multi-pronged spear used in gigging or hunting fish or small game
  • Gig economy, a term for the economy of those in temporary work
  • Gig, the blade a professional wrestler uses to cut himself
  • KGIG-LP ("104.9 The Gig"), an FM radio station licensed to Modesto, California, United States

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